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How to Keep Desander?

Le 21 juillet 2014, 09:09 dans Humeurs 0

Actually, the performance of the mechanical equipment is composed of many factors. One important factor that determines the reason of why to maintain desander is that the desander plays an important role in modern construction. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the performance of the stack sizer continuously, and the maintenance of the desander is part of the ways to maintain desander.

The promotion of science and technology makes us able to enjoy the results of new technological applications. And in order to meet the requirements of different working condition, there are more and more kinds of desanders that are composed of more and more complex mix and more and more outstanding performance, so it is necessary to create more and more maintenance methods to maintain desander. And during the operation of the desander, it is easy for the desander to break down, so knowing how to maintain desander is fundamental to the operators of the centrifugal pump.

The prepossessing and foundation using part of the desander is to maintain desander frequently. In order to play functions in different environments, it is east to cause the abrasion of the desander. In addition, after a long period of using time, both of the stability and the performance of the desander will be lessened, so it is able to cause the performance decreasing. And there is no doubt that maintaining desander too often and in large scale will increase the production cost of the desander manufacturing and desander users. Therefore, it is necessary to establish necessary maintenance system and strengthen the intensity of daily management of the solid control system, setting out reasonable maintenance schedule scientifically and reasonably

In addition, it is necessary to set up a detailed and reasonable plan for how to maintain desander. And the first step is to strength the frequency of daily maintenance of the desander. As for workers who follow the maintenance rules to maintain the desander regularly, it is necessary to award then to arouse their motive power. And every detail of the maintenance work of the desander should be laid emphasis on. In addition, now that maintaining the desander is crucial to the whole service life of the desander, it is necessary to carry out maintenance work effectively. And regular inspection is also one important part of maintaining desander. And the regular inspection includes recording the daily operation situation of the desander, each operation time, maintenance period as well as other fundamental data to decide whether there are problems in the whole maintenance of the desander, so as to avoid the faults of the desanders.

What’s more, in order to, it is necessary to intensify the management and monitor of the drilling equipment. The operators are responsible for setting up reasonable and reliable plan for maintaining desander based on knowing the basic condition of the desander. During this period, it is possible to design reasonably to avoid materials waste.

Centrifugal Pump Maintenance

Le 18 juillet 2014, 03:49 dans Humeurs 0

There are several objects which can improve the performance of drilling fluid system, such as centrifugal pump, shaker screen, etc.

Centrifugal pump uses impeller rotation to centrifuge the water to work. There are six parts which make of the basic structure of centrifugal pump, including impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, seal ring and stuffing box. In this text, we will focus on stating how to maintain centrifugal pump.

How to maintain centrifugal pump in terms of stop pumping

When running into one of the following situations, stop pumping and switchover.

1. A strong vibration suddenly happens to the pump.

2. There is an abnormal sound inside the pump.

3. The electricity exceeds rated value. It cannot be reduced after processing.

4. There is no liquid in the pump suddenly.

How to maintain centrifugal pump in terms of daily standards

1. Start, operate and stop the pump according to the operating instruction and do the running record.

2. Check if the lubricating oil of the lubricant housings meets the requirements.

How to maintain mud gun in terms of bearing temperature

Check the bearing temperature and it should be less than 35℃. The highest temperature of the antifriction bearing should be less than 75℃.

How to maintain centrifugal pump in terms of pump

1. Check the pressure of the pump and if the motor current is normal and stable. Pay attention to if there is abnormal situation. Find out the problem and deal with it timely.

2. Keep the pump and its surroundings neat and clean. Deal with the leakage timely.

3. When the pump is running, don’t get close to running parts and wipe the device and don’t loose the bolt.

How to maintain centrifugal pump in terms of test run

1. The test run should be organized. There must be professional in charge of the safety inspection work.

2. If there is an abnormal sound or other abnormal situations when test run, stop to check the reasons.

How to maintain mud agitator in terms of other aspects

1. Don’t put maintenance tools or any objects on the device.

2. Keep the motor ground wire intact. Clean the site and don’t spray water onto the motor.

3. Go through the procedures according to the rules before the overhaul.

4. Close the inlet valve and outlet valve and put off the remaining liquid.

5. Start and stop the pump according to the solid control equipment strictly.

The Classifications of Drilling Equipment

Le 17 juillet 2014, 02:45 dans Humeurs 0

Broadly speaking, the stack sizer consists of the complete ground equipment used for drilling and special drilling tools and drilling instrument. According to function, the drilling equipment can be divided into systems such as rotation, promotion, circulation, power, transmission and control. They are prairie, valley, mountain and highlands where needs drilling equipment.

The main equipment of rotary is turntable fixed on the drill floor well head. When it turns, it uses kelly bar to drive the drill string and drill to rotate and drill. When it adopts downhole motor to drive drill to rotate, the turntable is used to reaction torque.

The hoisting system of drilling equipment consists of winch, brant screen, crown, travelling block, hook and rope, which is a set of lifting equipment. The winch is mainly used for controlling the bit pressure when it begins tools, case and drill. The derrick is used for fixing crown block, hanging hoisting equipment and instruments such as loose pulley, hook, beginning and storing the tubular column. Crown block and loose pulley are a set of compound pulley, which is used for reducing the tension of winch cable. The number of wire rope of large and medium-sized drill block pulley is generally 8~12 portions.

The circulation system of drilling equipment is composed of mud pump, high-pressure mud pipes, hose, faucet, the drill string, mud solids and control equipment. The function of it is to maintain fluid circulation, wash the bottom hole and transfer the injected and high-pressure mud energy to the bottom.

The motivation and drive system of drilling equipment contains derrick screen and drive units. The engine is used in the diesel engine, motor or gas turbine. The drive unit has mechanical drive including the chain, belt and gear, hydraulic drive and electric drive and they put motive to these working machines such as the draw works, rotary table and mud pump.

The control system of drilling equipment makes each sets meet the demands of drilling technology and work coordinately. It mainly controls the start, stop, speed governing, parallel operation and commutation of engine, draw works, rotary table and mud pump. The ways are the control of machinery, air pressure, hydraulic pressure and electricity. In addition, it develops at the directional control of electronic computer. The well-control equipment is used for guaranteeing the important equipment of the safe drill on the oil and gas drilling.

After the detailed introduction of the classifications of de-1000 decanter centrifuge, we believe that you will understand comprehensively the basic information of drilling equipment. We hope that this article will help you a lot not only in our daily life but also in the working time. Thank you very much to reading this article and we hope you will share this article with other people.

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